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2TravelDads is the original LGBT Family Travel blog. We focus on sharing the most interesting destinations, sights, family moments, and travel tips. It's not all family travel, we take trips without the kids too. Whether National Parks or weekend getaways, we're all about helping others get out and explore.
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  1. Yellowstone National Park Geysers, part 2 - best overlooked and underappreciated geysers

    Part 2 of our Yellowstone National Park Geysers series highlights the geyser areas that are the easiest to miss. Show notes here:  Yellowstone National Park Geysers Part 2 In this episode we cover the hidden pockets of geysers that are really easy to get to but that most people ...


  2. Yellowstone National Park Geysers, part 1 - easy to miss but awesome sights!

    Best geyser recommendations in Yellowstone National Park. Must-see hot springs and geysers that most people miss when they visit Yellowstone. Show notes here:  Yellowstone NP Geysers Part 1 We share our favorite geysers and hot springs that most people skip when they visit Yellowstone. Check out our top picks ...


  3. Yellowstone National Park: basics to having an awesome visit

    Podcast episode covering the best need-to-know Yellowstone National Park tips.  Show notes here:  Need-to-know Yellowstone Tips From where to camp to where to stay outside of the park, favorite sights and things to watch for, the basics of having an awesome trip, and some of our favorite stories ...


  4. OMG. Our Complete Korean Spa Experience.

    We did a thing. We went all in and did the full Korean Spa experience. Show notes here:  OMG. Our Korean Spa Experience. We talk about our favorite spa experiences we've had in our travels and what we expect... and then what the Korean Spa was really like. ...


  5. Our Favorite Restaurants in Victoria BC - breakfast spots to delicious dinners

    We've picked our favorite restaurants in Victoria, BC and are dishing out from breakfast to dinner. Show notes here:  Favorite Victoria BC Restaurants. These are our top picks for where to eat in Victoria for local farm to table, vegetarian, and family friendly dining. See who we think makes the best ...