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2TravelDads is the original LGBT Family Travel blog. We focus on sharing the most interesting destinations, sights, family moments, and travel tips. It's not all family travel, we take trips without the kids too. Whether National Parks or weekend getaways, we're all about helping others get out and explore.
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  1. Florida's Freshwater Springs: we pick our top springs for manatee, swimming and more

    The many Florida springs are amazing. These are the best places for manatees, alligators and paddleboarding through Florida's jungles.  Show notes here: Florida Springs Favorites We dish on our favorite springs and what makes some of the totally weird, or even contoversial, Florida tourist destinations. ...


  2. Disneyland vs Magic Kingdom: what we love (and don't) about the parks

    If you haven't been to both Disneyland and Disney World, you might think that they're the same, but in different states.  Show notes here!:  Disneyland or Magic Kingdom? We talk favorites of each! We are comparing what we love and don't love about Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom in Disney ...


  3. Saint Augustine Beaches: best sights, fun and food

    Beyond historic St Augustine there are tons of beaches and cool sights to see all around the area.  Show notes here: Best of Saint Augustine Beaches (and activities) Whether you're into alligators or want to visit an obscure National Park site, we've got the scoop on it all. And ...


  4. Top Sights for Exploring Historic St Augustine, FL

    We go on a tour of St Augustine, Florida: the oldest city in the USA. Show notes here: Best of St Augustine: the USA's first city Get our tips and picks for the best places to visit for history and fun, both with kids and without. Our favorite restaurants ...


  5. Top Tips for Points and Rewards Travel

    Between understanding and leveraging brand loyalty to using third party sites to earn miles, we've got useful and effective tips to make more affordable travel accessible. Show notes here: Top Tips for Points and Rewards Travel See how we actually use our points programs and our top recommendations to ...