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2TravelDads is the original LGBT Family Travel blog. We focus on sharing the most interesting destinations, sights, family moments, and travel tips. It's not all family travel, we take trips without the kids too. Whether National Parks or weekend getaways, we're all about helping others get out and explore.
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  1. Nova Scotia's Lighthouse Route - Peggy's Cove and beyond

    Highlights and recommendations for exploring Nova Scotia's southern shore. Starting in Halifax and traveling the lighthouse route, these our our favorite picks for enjoying Nova Scotia's beautiful maritime history and food. Full show notes here:  Nova Scotia Lighthouse Route ...


  2. Bay of Fundy Coast, Nova Scotia

    The northern shore of Nova Scotia is one of the most beautiful places we've traveled and it's perfect for a Nova Scotia road trip. The Bay of Fundy is home to both the most aggressive tides on earth and some of the epic sights. And the top pick for a ...


  3. Exploring Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Halifax, Nova Scotia is both a cool, modern city and it's full of history. From maritime sites to the Citadel, downtown is a fun city to explore. Beyond the city you'll find some of the most picturesque Canadian sights, especially when it comes to fall colors and fishing villages. View show ...


  4. Welcome and Introduction to 2TravelDads

    Welcome to the 2TravelDads podcast! We're excited to share more, to turn our blog and advice into on-the-go travel stories. And in this episode we also share our journey from when we took our first trip together, to having kids, to eventually starting 2TravelDads: ...