Coffee, Carvings and the Kona Coast of Hawaii

Episode 1 January 22, 2023 00:24:12
Coffee, Carvings and the Kona Coast of Hawaii
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Coffee, Carvings and the Kona Coast of Hawaii

Jan 22 2023 | 00:24:12


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Rob Taylor Chris Taylor

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Sure you've heard of Kona Coffee or the Big Island of Hawaii, but have you been? What makes visiting the Kona Coast so special. We dig into all there is to do and see on the west coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, from our favorite snorkeling spots to the best places to be immersed in Kona Coffee culture. Also, tips for pronouncing Hawaiian words and THE MOST INCREDIBLE wildlife experience we've had. (Hint: it happens at night in the water...)

The Kona Coast includes some of the most beautiful scenic drives on the Big Island, so give a listen and set aside time to enjoy this incredible, adventurous destination.

Check out our complete Big Island Itinerary here, or for our favorite unique nature spots around the Big Island visit the blog!

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