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2TravelDads is the original LGBT Family Travel blog. We focus on sharing the most interesting destinations, sights, family moments, and travel tips. It's not all family travel, we take trips without the kids too. Whether National Parks or weekend getaways, we're all about helping others get out and explore.

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  1. Lake Tahoe and Carson City Like a Local, When to Visit and Deals to Find

    Visiting Lake Tahoe and Carson City is great any time of year when you have a local's insider information. Tips of when to visit and where to find great travel deals to the Reno Tahoe area.   Show notes here:  Lake Tahoe and Carson City Like a Local ...


  2. Ways to Boost Immune Support and Stay Healthy

    There are many ways to boost immune support to stay healthy, both while traveling and at home. 10+ easy ways to support your immune system, from vitamins to home remedies and natural health options. Full show notes here:  Ways to Boost Immune Support and Stay Healthy While Traveling From both ...


  3. Tasting Santa Maria Valley Wine Country: travel and chatting with winemakers

    The Santa Maria Valley is one of our favorite destinations, both for outdoor recreation AND for experiencing wine country! We chat with two SMV wine makers, Norman Beko and Wes Hagen, about what makes the area so ideal for wine, as well as traveling to LA's wine country during COVID ...


  4. Disney World vs Universal During COVID 19: how each park is handling Coronavirus

    We've been to both Disney World and Universal Orlando during the Coronavirus pandemic. These are our observations and opinions of how each park is handling safety precautions and enforcing rules while COVID-19 is still a concern.  Read our full review of each park... Complete show notes/comparison here:  https://2traveldads.com/disney-world-or-universal-orlando-during-covid/ Disney World During ...


  5. Affording Travel: Tips for Saving and Making Travel a Part of Everyday Life

    Affording Travel is more than working full time, but starts with saving and budgeting. Actionable tips to save and plan travel, making it a part of your everyday life. Show notes here: https://2traveldads.com/affording-travel-tips-for-saving-and-planning/   We interview Danielle of the Thought Card Podcast all about saving and being intentional with finances to set yourself up ...