Tasting Santa Maria Valley Wine Country: travel and chatting with winemakers

Episode 6 October 11, 2020 00:40:28
Tasting Santa Maria Valley Wine Country: travel and chatting with winemakers
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Tasting Santa Maria Valley Wine Country: travel and chatting with winemakers

Show Notes

The Santa Maria Valley is one of our favorite destinations, both for outdoor recreation AND for experiencing wine country! We chat with two SMV wine makers, Norman Beko and Wes Hagen, about what makes the area so ideal for wine, as well as traveling to LA's wine country during COVID restrictions.  Full show notes here: Santa Maria Valley Wine Country

Norman Beko of Cottonwood Canyon Winery explains the foot up the Santa Maria Valley has over other wine regions when it comes to growing and producing wines, particularly Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Wes Hagen gives the rundown on managing wine tasting culture and creating remote wine experiences while much of California is still not fully open. But the Santa Maria Valley is OPEN and READY for wine country tourism with lots of safety precautions and creative problem solving!

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