Hiking the Waimea Canyon and Kauai's South Shore

Episode 5 February 04, 2023 00:24:09
Hiking the Waimea Canyon and Kauai's South Shore
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Hiking the Waimea Canyon and Kauai's South Shore

Feb 04 2023 | 00:24:09


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Rob Taylor Chris Taylor

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Are you ready for a side of Hawaii that ISN'T resorts and is just jaw-dropping? This is Kauai's South Shore!! From hiking the amazing Waimea Canyon to doors-off helicopter flights, hear all about our adventures exploring one of the most unique parts of Hawaii. We even have a random luxury stay that, if you have a big budget or lots of Hyatt points to use, you have to plan for it.


Check out our full 5 Day Kauai Itinerary, our grand list of Things to Do on Kauai and details of doing a Doors-off Helicopter Tour of Kauai all on the blog at 2TravelDads.com!

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