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2TravelDads is the original LGBT Family Travel blog. We focus on sharing the most interesting destinations, sights, family moments, and travel tips. It's not all family travel, we take trips without the kids too. Whether National Parks or weekend getaways, we're all about helping others get out and explore.
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  1. Disneyland - Best Attractions, reviews and top tips for magical fun!

    Digging into Disneyland and chatting about each lang and its attractions and shows. Our best tips for making the most of your time in the Happiest Place on Earth.  Show notes here:  Best Disneyland Attractions and Shows Starting in the new Star Wars land, Galaxy's Edge, we review the two main ...


  2. Best Flight Discounts Thru FlyLine (really smart booking tool!)

    We're always looking to ways to save on travel. FlyLine has an awesome technology to pair flights from different carriers to create cheaper, big flight discounts, especially for longer flights.  Show notes here:  Best Flight Discounts Thru FlyLine Find out what interlining is, get tips for both search for and booking cheap ...


  3. Springtime in Washington Dc: Cherry Blossom Festival and Best Activities in Spring

    Washington DC is beautiful in the spring with more than 3000 cherry trees in bloom, the National Cherry Blossom Festival, and more happening.  Show notes here: DC Cherry Blossom Festival and Activities Have you been to Washington DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival ...


  4. Disney Expert Picks Each Park's Top Attractions & Dining

    The three best attractions in each Walt Disney World Park and #1 dining pick for each park too. Show notes here:  Disney Expert picks each park's top attractions & dining We talk about the four parks and which attractions are the most worthwhile or that you just can't miss. We also talk about a lot ...


  5. Montana Road Trip through Yellowstone Country

    Montana is a gorgeous state with some of the coolest towns, both modern and old west. From Billings to Big Sky, we dig into the best sights and activities in Yellowstone Country. Show notes here:  Montana Road Trip from Billings to Big Sky. Special guest host Meagan Wristen of ...